Elastic Paratrooper straps are now in stock!

Last friday I lauched my newest collection, the Paratrooper strap. This strap differs a lot from other similar straps out there, this doesn't have the unnecessary extra metal pieces and excessive layers of webbing. Instead, I made it as slimmed down as possible. But it is still very soft and comfortable, extremly adjustable and doesn't require a spring bar tool to mount in on your watch.

The first batch came in 14 different colors/color combinations. Many more are in the pipeline, also with PVD and bronze hardware.

You can find the straps here!


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Stumbled on your site by accident looking for a bronze paratrooper strap. Noticed only 23 mm are in stock for all versions of the bronze straps. Will you be stocking any 20 mm size straps?


Received my paratrooper strap today, first thoughts. I was not expecting to much due to these being a quarter of the price of other straps of this type, but the quality of this strap easily equals more well known brands.
I love the fact that you do not have the extra hardwear on it (not really required) and because of this it fits like a glove. Just the right amount of elasticity to make it really comfortable and allows for the expansion as your wrist swells and contracts with changes in temperature.
The keeper on the strap which is the critical part of this type of design does not move in the slightest so there`s no need to adjust at all. Once its on it stays on and is comfortable all day long.
If you are worried about purchasing one of these because they are cheap, don`t be because these straps are quality items and I for one will be buying more.

David Mills

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