Vintage Tropic - Now in orange

Vintage Tropic - Now in orange

In my opinion, the tropic inspired rubber racing band is one of the coolest watch bands ever made. I have been looking for this kind of watch straps for years, but I could never find the right one. A couple of months ago, I was offered to buy a genuine 1970´s mold for rubber racing watch bands. And since then it has taken a lot time and research to get the right material. I first started with silicon, but that magnet was like magnet for dust. Eventually I tried doing it with a more modern kind of rubber, and that material gave the watch band the exact look and feel I was aiming for. This strap is only available in 22 mm at the moment, but I am working hard to find a way to make it in 20 mm, and the more common sizes among vintage watches, 19 mm and 21 mm. I will also make the tropic vintage watch band in many more colors, especially the ones with the right vintage look.

This vintage tropic watch strap will look great on any vintage to modern dive watch to chronograph. You can find it here.

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