Watch Rolls Leather & Canvas!

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Watch Rolls Leather & Canvas! 

This is a project we have been working on for almost a year. We wanted
everything from the leathers, thickness and softness of the canvas and the quality of the velcro to sizes and portions to be just perfect.
Each watch roll is able to contain six watches with a case size up to 46 mm. Our watch rolls probably differ from other watch rolls, our have deeper pockets so you don´t have to tuck any NATO straps. We also made the "locking" strap extra long so that it will be as secure as possible when the watch roll is rolled up. The watch rolls are available in three colors in canvas, and three colors in leather. We
chose the leathers for a reason, to quickly develop a beautiful,
personal patina. So if you are looking for a watch roll with "piano finish", this probably isn´t the watch rolls for you.

Measurements: 40 cm x 7 cm.

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