Casio MDV-102 Sea Analog Super Illuminator on a khaki green NATO strap

Hi Sofie, great idea and great watch straps at unbelievable prices -- without sacrificing the high quality!  I don't know how you do it but keep it up.  I'm a happy customer.

Here's a picture of the latest addition to my collection -- a Casio MDV-102 Sea Analog Super Illuminator (wow, that's a mouth full) with your NATO Khaki Green SS Strap, of course.  Hard to believe the watch is under $50 - with your NATO strap it looks like a million dollars!  The standard rubber strap that came with the watch was very uncomfortable.  "Cheapest NATO Straps" to the rescue.  Also pictured is my Suunto M-9 compass on your PVD NATO Khaki Green strap -- what a great combination that I'd trust on any mission.  Thanks for the excellent products and look forward to future purchases.  All the best, Ed 
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