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Seiko on a NATO strap

Posted on 28 September 2013

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  • Jpe Morgan: April 17, 2014

    I appears you have an excellent selection of nylon! I love them & own 25-30 of various types. Many are too narrow ie 18mm. I need 20MM now, and LOVE your “original nato”—ie-due to not being a true nato having the extra “flap” & even a Zulu with “extra rings etc”—YOUR orig nato is unique to anything I can find online. My Dad had an olive one EXACTLY LIKE that on his Air Force issued black faced Bulova but he had tu turn it back in when he retired! I love your red white & blue one, the red/navy and finally the navy/white. Before I order, I want to make sure I am not “missing one” I LOVE a navy/green (kelly green) that you have in a “true” Nato but I do not like Nato with the flap, I want the simplistic styly of your "ORIGINA; NATO
    Do you have that in navy and green? If not I may just get the other 2 I mentioned, I do not care for orange. Oh, I also love solid bright red (ie scarlet) but I do not see that at all on your site. THANKS! I look forward to getting some straps but want to make sure I am not “overlooking or missing” a navy/green & also a SOLID BRIGHT red in the OROGINALL NATO (ie—the one with NO “rings” etc—ie-just a “tang” stainless buckle with the “keeper” even being nylon. I LOVE THAT STRAP— but with shipping from overseas I want to get all of the colors I like if you have them or can make them

  • Leopoldo: October 19, 2013


    I bought a some straps in your page, and I have the question how many time that take to arrive in their destiny? I live in Mexico City and don´t know what time takes the order in arrived.

    Because I try to find in the postal service and they don’t have any register of them.

    Please help me and tell me what happened?


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