Timex Weekender

Get yours from just $25

The timex weekender is a perfect everyday watch, or a "daily beater". The Weekender doesn't try to be more than a casual, sporty watch. It does one thing and one thing well: tell the time.

Coming in various dial colors and strap choices, this watch has become a favorite of casual watch wearers as a very low-cost, stylish accessory.

For the watch enthusiast however, there's nothing really special about the design (which has been around for almost a century) or the movement (plain vanilla quartz), but it deserves a spot in the buying guide because it makes a very good low-cost entry into the watch collecting world. Plus, it makes a good beater watch for casual use on the weekends - hence its name.


For those looking to dip their toe into watch collecting, this makes a good choice for those not ready to commit to an automatic movement, don't have enough cash for something costing more, or who want something whose design has some historical significance.

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