Gold Suede NATO Strap Brown (24 mm)

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If you want to give your watch a casual and personal style, the suede NATO strap is the  strap for you. These handsome suede NATO straps are made of soft suede that easily adapts to your watch and wrist. The high quality of the suede (calf) makes the suede NATO strap nicer and more personal, the more it is used and worn.

Technical information: This suede NATO strap is available in sizes 18 mm, 20 mm and 22 mm. The strap is about 1,2 mm thick and 28 cm long but easy to shorten at home by yourself with a scissor, if you don´t want to tuck it. The hardware on the suede NATO straps is not chrome on brass like our competitors use, it is 316L stainless steel with a gold coating.